Shipping Coupons

Shipping coupons allow you to provide your customers with a coupon code to get a discount on shipping for their order.

Here are some examples of shipping coupons you might want to create for your store.

  • $5 off shipping
  • 10% off shipping costs for any order over $50
  • Free shipping for orders over $100

Note: A coupon will never create a negative value for shipping costs. For example, if you offer a $10 off shipping coupon but the normal shipping cost would have only been $8, shipping is only reduced to $0 (free) not negative $2.

Coupon Settings

The coupon settings fields are the only required fields when creating a shipping coupon.

Coupon name

The display name for your coupon. When a customer applies a coupon to their cart, this is the name of the coupon that they will see in their cart. The coupon name may not be blank.

Coupon code

The value that the customer enters in order to have the coupon applied to their order. The coupon code may not be blank.

Amount type

A coupon may give a customer a fixed money amount off (like $10.00 off) or a percentage off. Percentages are always calculated based on the original shipping cost for the order and does not include taxes, or any other discounts from other coupons which may have already been applied to the order.


The amount by which the shipping cost is reduced. If the amount type is a dollar amount, the amount value is the number of dollars deducted from the shipping cost. If the amount type is a percentage type, then the amount is the percentage to be deducted from the shipping cost.


The requirements section allows you to specify certain conditions that must be met before the coupon may be applied to the cart. You can create a coupon for orders where the cart total is over a certain dollar amount.

Minimum amount

The minimum cart total that must be reached for the coupon to be applied to the order. Leaving the minimum amount blank means that the coupon will apply to all orders no matter how low the cart total is.

Maximum amount

The highest cart total for the coupon to be applied to the cart. If the cart exceeds the maximum amount, the coupon will no longer be applied to the cart. Leaving the maximum amount blank means that the coupon will apply to all orders no matter how high the cart total is.

Note: The minimum and maximum amounts are the cart total amounts, not the calculated shipping cost amount. Therefore specifying a minimum amount of $50 means that the cart total must reach $50 before the shipping coupon may be applied.


You may specify various times when the coupon is available to be applied to your customers orders. For example, if you want to start offering a coupon at midnight on the day after Thanksgiving, you can specify a "from date" of 11/23/2012. If you want the sale to end at 11:59 PM on the same day you can specify a "to date" for 11/23/2012 (the same day). The dates are all based off of your local timezone set in your Cart66 settings screen for your store.

From date

The date when a coupon becomes available. Leaving the from date blank means that the coupon is available as long as it is enabled.

To date

The date after which the coupon is no longer available. Leaving the to date blank means that the coupon is available as long as it is enabled.

Max redemptions

The number of times a coupon may be used. A shipping coupon can only be used one time per order. The max redemptions specifies how many orders may use this coupon. Leaving max redemptions blank means the coupon may be used an unlimited number of times while it is available.


In the upper right corner of the coupon configuration screen there is a button to enable or disable the coupon. A coupon MUST be enabled for it to be applied to an order. If you want to have the coupon become available at a future date, specify a from date and a to date for the dates when you would like the coupon to be available. A disabled coupon will never be applied to a cart regardless of the availability dates.

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