Creating a Digital Product

Cart66 comes with your own space to store your digital media library. You can create digital products that include any combination (one or more) of your digital files. If you want to include the same digital file in multiple digital products, you only have to upload the file one time. For example, if you are selling your band's MP3s you can upload a track one time and sell it as a single and as part of an entire album. Cart66 will securely store and deliver you digital products for you.

Location: Manage > Products > YOUR_PRODUCT > Digital Files

Creating a Digital Product

The Digital Files section allows you to attach digital files to your product.

FILES: Select a digital file from your digital file library. If you don't have any files listed here, you will first need to add a file to your Cart66 digital files library.

Once you've selected a file from the drop-down menu, click the 'Attach' button. You must also click 'Save' in order for the file to successfully attach to the product.

Deactivate vs Detach: Deactivating a file keeps it available for all existing orders, but makes it unavailable for future orders. Detaching a file makes it unavailable for all existing orders AND future orders.

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