"Something" is not working or I am getting an error, help!

When troubleshooting any WordPress issues, there are a few simple steps you can take to determine the cause or better diagnose the issue. Before making any changes it is always a good idea to create a back up of your site. If you need a good, free, tool to help with backups, take a look at  BackWPup - free WordPress backup plugin. Once you have your backups completed and you're ready to proceed, here are two simple steps you can take to facilitate a faster support response or diagnosis:

  1. Deactivate all other Plugins - The first thing to always try is to deactivate all other plugins to rule out plugin conflict. Almost ALWAYS any JS error or weird issue is caused from a plugin conflict.
  2. Activate a default ThemeThe next step is to deactivate your theme and activate a default them like Twenty Fourteen or Twenty Fifteen. This will take the "is it my theme?" variable out of the equation. Fear not, your plugins and content will not be harmed by doing this. This will help out rule theme conflicts.
  3. Contact Support - If you still can not figure it out, no problem, please contact our support. But, having the above steps completed before contacting support will greatly speed up our diagnosis and subsequent fix.

Here are a few suggestions that will help our support facilitate a faster diagnosis and potential fix:

  1. Note your version Cart66  - If you are using Cart66 Classic (also known as Cart66 Pro or Cart66 Lite) Always be sure to note what version of the plugin you are using. Each version has a specific set of numbers associated with it as well that tells us you are using a new or older version of the plugin. EX: Cart66 1.6.6 etc...
  2. Send your WordPress admin login credentials - It's not required to send your WordPress admin username and password, but it is extremely helpful to be able to log in and see what's going on with your WordPress site. At a quick glance we can usually tell a lot from your installed plugins and settings. If you are concerned that we will make a mistake and break something, just note it in your support request and we will proceed in a "View Only" fashion. 
  3. Note Product/Store Location - Sometimes it can be difficult to find your products on your site. So, please note what pages the products are on so our support team can quickly find them.
  4. Note Cart66 Email Address - When troubleshooting an issue in the cloud based version of Cart66, we need to reference your account and in order to do that we use your email address. Sometimes we can look up the store name based on your URL but its a lot faster if you provide that info in advance.

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