Restrict Access to Post Categories

Cart66 allows you to organize your premium content by post category and then sell access to the category. This feature provides an easy and convenient way to sell access to a series of posts that gets added to on an ongoing basis. Once you set up the restriction, you do not have to do anything else as you create more posts. Any post assigned to the category you define as requiring a subscription will be automatically protected.

How To Use Category Restriction

Suppose you are a musician and you are going to sell guitar lessons on your WordPress site. You decide to create two subscriptions. Basic members will be able to access written lessons and Silver members will be able to access all your premium content including both written lessons and video lessons.

Log in to your Cart66 management console and create two subscriptions:

  • Basic Membership: $5/month
  • Silver Membership: $15/month

Next, log in to your WordPress admin and set up three post categories as follows:

  • Public Content: Free content that anybody can see
  • Written Lessons: Content available to both Basic and Silver members but not available to the public
  • Video Lessons: Content only available to Silver members

Navigate to the Cart66 Members settings and view the Category Restriction tab.

To restrict access to a post category, select the membership (or memberships) that are required in order to view the posts in that category. If multiple memberships are selected for the same category, visitor may access the content if they own one of the selected memberships. If no memberships are selected for a category then the content is open to the public.

Public Content

We will configure the Public Content post category so that anyone may access the content. Since no memberships are required for that category, do not select any memberships.

Written Lessons

The Written Lessons post category will contain posts that will only be available to paying members, and both Basic and Silver members will have access to the content. Check both Basic Membership and Silver Membership for the Written Lessons category.

Video Lessons

The Video Lessons will only be available to your Silver members. That means neither non-logged in visitors nor Basic members will be granted access to your Video Lessons. Only check the Silver Membership for Video Lessons.

The Category Restrictions tab should now look like this:

Differences Between Pages vs Posts

For more information about restricting content for Pages vs Posts please see Content Restriction For Pages vs Posts

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