Can I use Cart66 to sell wholesale?

Yes, this is very doable in Cart66. The most important thing to note here is that it's required to create 2 separate products for each product.  One for the wholesale and one for the general public. The second requirement is that you need to create membership product to which the wholesale users are subscribed to. You can add them manually or have them sign up for a "Free" product. In this example we'll be adding them manually in the Cart66 Dashboard.

Here are the 4 steps:

1. Create the Membership Product for Wholesale Members

 Create a single membership product we will use to assign to all of the wholesalers. Create a membership product and call it "Wholesale" or the like.  You can read more adding membership products here. In this case it's labeled "wholesalers."

2. Create the Products

You need to create 2 products for each product and label their SKUS accordingly so you know which one is wholesale and which one is for the general public. You can read more about adding a basic product here.

3. Add the Wholesale Members 

You can add new members here. Its important that you create the membership product first though.


4. Add the Shortcodes to the Product Page/Post

Simply add the 2 product shortcodes on the page. You need to wrap them with the show shortcodes like so:

[cc_show_to sku="wholesalers"]
[cc_product sku="skus-for-wholesalers" display="inline" quantity="true" price="true"]
[cc_hide_from sku="wholesalers"]
[cc_product sku="skus-for-public" display="inline" quantity="true" price="true"]

One last important thing to note is that your WordPress admin user or your Cart66 Dashboard user will have access to these products/content that you have restricted. You will need to manually add your user to the list of members for proper testing.

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