How to use Buy Now Links

It's easy to add e-commerce to your email newsletters. Cart66 let's you create an anchor link that will automatically add a product to your customer's shopping cart then direct the user to any URL you specify.

Creating A Buy Now Link from the Cart66 Cloud Dashboard

Navigate to your products page and next to each edit icon there is a chain icon you can use to copy the direct link to a Buy Now Link.

PLEASE NOTE: The Buy Now Link from the Cloud dashboard will ONLY redirect to the Checkout Page. The method below will redirect to the Cart but if your theme has any kind of warning or error (as seen in debug mode) you may experience a blank screen in some browsers. It's advised to use the links from the Cloud Dashboard.

Here is how those work:


Additional Parameters for the Shortcodes

There are additional parameters you can add to the buy now links that will redirect the users to the cart or set a predefined quantity to the cart. 

Here are the 2 parameters:

  1. redirect=cart
  2. quantity=n

Here is how you use them:

Adding Different SKUS to Create a Product Bundle

You can now add several products to any buy now link. That means you can create product bundles with these links. Here are a few examples:

Ideas For Using Buy Now Links

There are all kinds of great things you can do with add to cart links. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Put "Buy Now" links in email newsletters so your customers can buy things directly from the newsletter
  • Use a URL shortener and tweet a "Buy Now" link so people can buy things directly from a link on Twitter
  • Use a URL shortener and share a "Buy Now" link on Facebook.
  • Place banner ads or text links on other sites that use "Add To Cart" or "Buy Now" links.
  • Use "Buy Now" links in blog posts about your products

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