How to run test sales if Stripe is your payment gateway.

If you are using Stripe as your payment gateway you can perform a "live test" in Cart66 by using the Test Secret Key from your Stripe account in your Cart66 account settings for your payment gateway.

Log into your Cart66 management console at then enter in your Test Secret Key (not your Live Secret Key) from your Stripe account into your Cart66 payment gateway settings. Once you save your Test Secret Key in Cart66, you can go through a complete sale and Cart66 will treat the order like a live order. Stripe, however, will not actually charge the credit card because your Test Secret Key was used to run the transaction.

Do not use a real credit card number to run test orders. Instead, use one of the test credit card numbers that Stripe provides. Click here for a list of test credit card numbers for Stripe.

For example, you can use the test credit card number 4242424242424242 to test a successful Visa transaction. Just pick an expiration date in the future and enter in any 3 digit security code.

Cart66 will treat this as a "Live" order, but Stripe will treat it as a "Test" transaction. That means it will show up in your list of live Cart66 orders but will appear as a test transaction in your Stripe account.

Once you are happy with how things are working, remember to update your Cart66 payment gateway settings with your "Live Secret Key" from your Stripe account. In order to process credit card payments and actually collect money from your customers you must use your Live Secret Key.

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