Creating a Subscription Product

Cart66 comes with its own built-in recurring billing engine for selling subscriptions on your website. Subscriptions and recurring billing work with all of the on-site payment gateways supported by Cart66.

A subscription is the same thing as a membership product except that a membership product does not involve recurring billing. Both a membership product and a subscription product enable you to sell membership access to content on your WordPress site. Create a subscription if you want your customers to be automatically billed on a recurring basis, such as once per month.

Location: Manage > Products > YOUR_PRODUCT > Subscription

Creating a Membership Product

To create a subscription product you must first enable the subscription option for your product.

Assign Subscription Attributes

Assign Subscription Attributes

RECURRING PRICE: Amount that is charged to the customer on a recurring basis as defined below.

INITIAL PAYMENT: This is the price customers will pay initially at checkout. Could include setup fees, or other one-time payments. It's a good idea to explain any initial charges to your customer, especially if you are offering a trial period for your subscription.

BILL EVERY: Specify how frequently you would like to charge your customer.

BILL CYCLES: Specify how many times you want to charge your customer. If the subscription is for 7 months, choose "7 times" from the drop-down menu.

TRIAL PERIOD: Specify an optional trial period.

PRICE DESCRIPTION: This is the description of the price for your customers. If you would like to customize the default text, click the blue 'customize' button.

If you would like to remove the subscription for your product, click the red 'Disable Subscription' button.

Click 'Save' to update your settings.

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