PayPal Not Available When Purchasing Subscriptions

PayPal Express Checkout Will Not Process Recurring Payments

In order to use the built-in recurring billing system in Cart66 Cloud you need to use an on-site credit card processing payment gateway. Recurring billing is not supported with PayPal Express Checkout, Dwolla, Go Cardless or any off-site payment gateway.

Subscriptions Require A Credit Card

The reason for this is that the customers credit card data needs to be stored in Cart66 Cloud so that Cart66 is able to process future payments in the subscription. The customer is able to log in and update/change his or her credit card at any time, but a credit card does need to be on file. 

Membership Products Can Be Sold With PayPal Express Checkout

You can, however sell "Membership Products" using off-site payment gateways like PayPal Express Checkout. Membership products are essentially subscriptions without the recurring billing component. They can be used to sell access to content on your WordPress site. The only difference is that instead of auto-billing your customer at set intervals, your customer will be responsible for renewing his or her membership on their own.

Cart66 Cloud comes with a notification center so you can automatically send reminders to your customers when their memberships are about to expire and invite them to  renew. You can even include a coupon code as incentive to renew. 

Click here for more information about Membership Products

Accept Credit Cards With No Monthly Fees

You may be wanting to process subscriptions with PayPal because you don't want to pay the $30/month that PayPal charges for their PayPal  Pro account. If you live in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or Ireland you can setup a Stripe account to accept credit card payments with no monthly fees - just a per transaction cost. 

It is super easy to get started with Stripe. You get everything you need in one place (merchant account + payment gateway) and best of all you can be ready to accept live credit card payments in less than 10 minutes. You just sign up and go - no need to fax documents and bank statements. It's easier than getting a PayPal account. Check them out here:

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