Automatically Creating Product Pages

To make it faster and easier to set up your Cart66 store in WordPress, Cart66 will automatically create Cart66 Product pages in your WordPress site as you create them in your secure management console. 

To have Cart66 automatically create product pages in your WordPress site:

  1. Make sure your Cart66 2.x plugin installed and activated
  2. Make sure you have your Cart66 secret key entered in your Cart66 settings in WordPress
  3. Make sure your site is not in maintenance mode because that will block your secure management console from being able to communicate with your WordPress site.

As you create products in the secure management console you will see product pages created in WordPress.

You can also push products that you have already created from the Products tab in the secure management console into your WordPress site like this:

After the product pages are created they will have the following information:

  • The title will be set to the name of the product
  • The page slug will be set to the name of the product with spaces replaced with dashes
  • The page will be linked to the secure order form for the product

Finishing The Page

After the page is created all you need to do to finish the page is:

  • Enter in some text to describe the product
  • Add one or more images to the image gallery for the product
  • Optionally enter an excerpt for the product to show in the catalog view
  • Optionally assign a category to the product

The items marked in orange have been done for you.

The items marked in blue still need to be done.

The items in yellow are optional.

Final Notes

You don't have to use these pages if you don't want to. You can still  create products with shortcodes just like you have always been able to do with Cart66.

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