Quantum Gateway

Quantum Gateway is payment service that allows US-based businesses to process credit card transactions. The Quantum Gateway for Cart66 Cloud provides a seamless onsite checkout experience where the customer stays on your website throughout the checkout process.

Getting Started

Before you can use the Quantum Gateway add-on for Cart66 Cloud, you will need a Quantum Gateway account.  Sign-up for a Quantum Gateway account before setting up the Quantum Gateway gateway in Cart66 Cloud.

Restrict Key

When your account is setup and you have access to the account manager, you will need to setup your Quantum Gateway  Restrict Key, an additional account security mechanism. To set up the Restrict Key:

  • Login to your account at https://secure.quantumgateway.com
  • Navigate to Processing settings
  • Scroll to the RestrictKey section
  • Toggle the check box labelled Check to use RestrictKey
  • Click the Generate RestrictKey button
  • Click the Update button


When your Quantum Gateway account is approved and successfully set up, you will need to locate the Quantum Gateway  Login and the Restrict Key.

Adding the Gateway to Cloud

To configure Cart66 Cloud to use the Quantum Gateway, login to your Cloud Dashboard and navigate to the Gateways tab  here. Search for Quantum in the search bar and it will pull up Quantum. The Login field should be the Login credential from your account and the Password will be the RestrictKey. It is important to note that the password MUST use the RestrictKey.

Check the Active checkbox and start accepting payments!

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