Unable to add products to the cart or the page only reloads when adding to the cart

If you are unable to add products to the cart or if the page only reloads when you click to checkout on the product page, normally this means the required scripts are not loading on the page. Its an easy fix though. Go to the Main tab under Cart66 in your WordPress admin area. Just check the box to load the scripts on the page types you have added your products too. Meaning, if you added products to a page or a post, you have to check the page or post box. We do this so that the required scripts for Cart66 don't load on every page of your WordPress site which really helps with speedy site performance.

The settings are here:  http://www.your-site.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=cart66&tab=post-type-settings (Be sure to change our your actual site URL for your-site.com.)

Once you get to the tab as described above, it will look like this:

Just check the appropriate boxes.

Lastly, sometimes, you need to go to login to WordPress admin > Settings > Permalinks and click  Save. That can correct any strange 404 errors that you may be getting. This is a very common issue with WordPress.

If you are using a pre-existing Products post type, you need to disable the built in version of the Products post type as seen below and be sure to check the Products post type to load the required scripts as noted above. 

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