Setting up FedEx with Live Rates

To get Live API keys from FedEx you may need to first produce a test label from Cart66. Once you have a sample label, then you can provide them that label and they will give you Live API keys.

First, enter both your Live and Test API keys for EasyPost on the shipping configuration screen in your Cart66 Cloud dashboard.

When you process test orders in Cart66, the Test API keys will be used for EasyPost. The live API keys will be used when you process orders with your store in Live mode.

To put your Cart66 account in test mode, activate the Cart66 Test Gateway. When you want your site to accept live payments, activate a live payment gateway.

After you have activated the Cart66 Test Gateway enable Real-time Shipping as your shipping mode.

Then enter both your Test and Live API keys from EasyPost.

Now, when you process an order you will use the test mode and will be able to product a test shipping label from EasyPost.

If you do not follow this process, you will receive the below error:
"There was a problem calculating  your shipping rates. Please try again or contact the merchant for support."

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