Retrieving a List of Products from our API


Although it's mostly undocumented, we do actually have a public API to perform certain operations on your Cart66 Cloud account. One of those is to retrieve a list of the products in your account. Here is a detailed guide on how to use our API to retrieve a list of your products.


Our API uses HTTP Basic Authentication to authenticate requests coming in. However, we only use the Username part of the authentication, not the Password value.

To add a valid authentication header to your request, you'll just want to include your Cart66 Cloud account's Secret Key as the Username value.

Retrieving a List of Products


Here is an example using cURL:

curl -u <your_secret_key>: -H "Accept: application/json"

This will retrieve a list of all of the products in your Cart66 Cloud account formatted as JSON.

Here is an example JSON response for that request:

    "name":"Braves Shirt",
    "name":"Braves Hat",

Here is a list of the attributes we include for each product:

Name Type Description
id string Our Internal ID
name string Display name of the product
sku string SKU of the product
price decimal Price of the product as a decimal (e.g. 10.95)
on_sale boolean Whether or not this product is on sale
sale_price decimal Sale price of the product (e.g. 7.95)
currency string Currency symbol (e.g. $)
expires_after integer Number of days before this product expires
formatted_price string Display friendly price with currency (e.g. $10.95)
formatted_sale_price string Display friendly sale price with currency (e.g. $7.95)
digital boolean Whether or not this product has digital files attached to it
type string e.g. product, membership, subscription
status string Availability of this product (e.g. available, unavailable)

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