How to remove the weird bars in your checkout buttons

This sometimes happens when your theme overrides the background image of your button.

The only trick is determining the background-color. Basically you need to match the the background-color below to the darker part of your button's gradient. You can take a screenshot and open it in Photoshop and use the eye dropper there or use a browser extension like Eye Dropper or Color Picker to determine that color.

The below needs to be added to your WordPress theme CSS. Just change the #3198B6 out for your color.

.cart66-form input[type="submit"]:hover{background-color:#3198B6!important}
.cart66-form .btn.btn-small:hover{background-color:#EAEAEA!important}
.cart66-form .btn.btn-success:hover{background-color:#52A552!important}

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