Featured Products

You can highlight some of your products as Featured Products in your store.

  • Create a product category called Featured Products
  • Assign a few products to the Featured Products category
  • Use the catalog shortcode to show your Featured Products

Create Featured Products Category

Log into your WordPress admin and click on the Products -> Product Categories link. Enter in the name and slug for your new category like this.

Assign Products To The Featured Product Category

Edit a few of your products and assign the ones you'd like to highlight to the Featured Products category.

Featured Product Shortcode

There really is no featured product short code, instead you just use the cc_product_catalog shortcode and only show the products in the featured products category.

[cc_product_catalog category="featured-products" title="Featured Products"]<br>

A couple things to note about what's going on here:

  • Only the featured products will be shown
  • The products will be sorted in menu order because no other sorting option has been specified
  • All the products assigned to the featured products category will be shown. You may want to limit the number of products shown using the limit parameter in the shortcode
  • The title of the section is listed in the shortcode. If you don't have any featured products then nothing will be shown at all. If you do have at least one featured product then Featured Products will be listed as a heading over the display of your featured products.
<h3 class="cc-catalog-title">Featured Products</h3>

Limit The Number Of Featured Products Shown

You may want to only show the first three featured products regardless of how many products you have assigned to the Featured Products category. To do that, use the limit  parameter of the shortcode.

[cc_product_catalog category="featured-products" limit="3" title="Featured Products"]

Control How The Featured Products Are Sorted

You don't have to display the featured products by menu order. You can sort them by:

  • menu: The menu order of the product posts (Default)
  • price_asc: Price ascending
  • price_desc: Price descending
  • name_asc: Product post title ascending
  • name_desc: Product post title descending

Here is an example sorting your featured products by price highest to lowest:

[cc_product_catalog category="featured-products" limit="3" title="Featured Products" <br> sort="price_desc"]<br>

See this article for more information on working with the catalog shortcode.

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